Reviews Micinorm

  • Dinda
    Recently started to use the cream, but the effect is already noticeable. I can say that I tried everything a lot of money, but the result as such did not receive. Micinorm I totally came, there is no problem in use arises. In general, I am satisfied, therefore, recommend!
  • Andri
    I was treated micinorm about a month intermittently. The legs shattered in the army shoes, the fungus lasted about a year. The cream has helped to eliminate the inflammation and the itching between the fingers the skin in a week has recovered. But in order to kill the fungus in the nails took the most time. But the effect is amazing, the cream kills the smell, the nails growing back a healthy pink.
  • Siska
    I have bred the fungus after a stay in the hotel. It began to spread. But micinorm turn off the inflammation very quickly.
  • Sherly
    Worthy cream, and I know whereof I speak, and others have tried in the face of this unpleasant problem. It is now the past, but I can say that Micinorm okay, so I helped. Originally only eliminates the symptoms, and then the problem completely disappeared. Not coming back and I'm happy with the result. The prices are right, it is possible to buy!
  • Dewi
    I always visit the pool. Apparently, he picked up a fungus. He ran quickly, but only when they begin to nibble the feet and nails have changed. Cream Micinorm it is recommended in a conversation confidential good friend. Packaging convenient, dispenser. You need to take a very small amount and thoroughly RUB into the skin of the feet and apply to the nail. One bottle was enough for me and for 2 weeks of use. The smell of this unique bio-cream to be removed immediately. After 3 days on the skin of the legs, has stopped the flaking and itching. The nail plate grows back to normal color, without damage. A month was completely cured.
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